My wife and I play a board game together almost every night. Sometimes we just want to play something quick to wrap up a previous board game and usually, that game ends up being Jaipur by Game Works.


Jaipur is a buying and selling card game. You can obtain goods ranging from spices and leather to more precious commodities such as jewels and gold. Each turn, you can either pick up a new good from the communal row of cards, take the camel cards (if there are any), trade your existing cards for ones from the communal row, or sell your goods for points. The camels act as future purchasing power since they don’t count against your maximum card limit of 7 and they can be traded for goods. If you have the most camel cards at the end of the round, (which is determined when 3 goods are depleted or there aren’t any more cards), you’ll get a 5 point bonus chip.


It’s really easy to learn and to teach new players and the gameplay is fast-paced. The nice part is, even if you lose the first round, it’s the best out of three games and you can come back to win the game. The packaging is well plannedĀ and there isn’t much wasted space. The artwork is well done and there’s even an Easter egg to be found on one of the camel cards that can be explained via Google search. I’ll let you discoverĀ it on your own, though.


We often play Jaipur after playing another shorter, light game such as Patchwork since both games end pretty quickly. Overall, I think this should be in every gamer’s collection as a nice way to begin or wrap up a game night.



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