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Custom Game Boxes

Dice Tray

In today’s post, instead of reviewing a board game, I’ll be talking about some of the custom boxes I use for my games. Making wooden boxes started with hearing how Rodney Smith of Watch It Played used an old picture frame that he converted into a dice tray. I bought a cheap wooden box at a craft store, stained it, lined it with felt, and was pleased with the results.

Stiff Felt: $1 USD Wood Stain: $10 USD Old Rag, Ruler, Cutting Mat, Spray Adhesive (not shown): $3

After making the dice tray, I had a bunch of left over felt and wood stain so I went back to the store to see what else I could find. I found some small wooden boxes for a $1 USD a piece and took them apart to stain and line with the left over felt. They’re a great size for holding Carcassonne meeple, Istanbul pieces, or even holding double-sided playing tiles so your opponents can’t see what’s in your hand.

Small Boxes
Since it’s only my wife and myself that play Istanbul (our daughter is too young and we moved to a new area recently), I bought another box ($4 USD) large enough to hold all of the components for a 2-player game, since we don’t need the additional pieces.

Istanbul Box
I was able to find a square box ($5 USD) to stain and line with felt that is the perfect size for Patchwork as well.

patchwork box
For Splendor, I found MeepleJuice on Etsy who does 3-D printing of game cases. He even has one large enough if you sleeve your cards. The quality is sturdy and production and shipping time is fairly quick.

Splendor Box

And sometimes to store your game components, it can be as simple as a couple of petri dishes, which match games like Pandemic perfectly.

petri dishes

So with minimal investment, I’ve been able to make/buy custom game storage boxes that take up less room and look nice out on the table. If you’re into keeping the game as-is and enjoy the experience of the game with it’s original box, this obviously isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking to make something unique, here’s a solution for a few dollars and a little bit of your time.


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