Every time I would go into Barnes & Noble to look at their board game selection, Splendor by Asmodee was always there. I didn’t know anything about it and I generally tend to buy more board games versus card games, but I wanted to try it. Before I made the full investment of the physical game, I decided to buy the iOS version for my iPhone and iPad to learn the rules and to see if I liked it.

Splendor for iOS

Initially, I was terrible at the game. I think I lost the first 8 games I played against the AI, but it didn’t matter, I was hooked. I explained the game to my wife and she said she’d be willing to give the physical version a shot.


While I waited for the game to arrive in the mail (I ordered from Amazon to avoid paying Barnes and Nobles’ prices), I also ordered the custom Splendor case mentioned in my previous blog post.

Splendor Box

The rules were easy to explain, how you use chips to buy cards, which may or may not contain points and the cards acts as permanent chips. Within 5 minutes of explaining the rules, we were playing.


Like Harbour (see previous review), this isn’t a game that we tend to play multiple times a week, but everytime we do bring it out to play, we always really enjoy it. The chips have some nice weight to them, it’s easy to play, and doesn’t take a lot of setup.



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