The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of board games. If you play a lot of board games, you probably had some ideas of making your own board or card game. Thanks to The Game Crafter, this has never been easier.

I’ve been toying around with a couple ideas for board games, so I was researching the best way to get a physical copy printed with all of the wooden/plastic components I wanted. That’s when I discovered, a site that lets you design your own games and then have them printed, packaged, shrink-wrapped, and shipped to your door.

Huggable Melodies Dash

Before I spent hours upon hours designing a game only to find out I wasn’t pleased with the quality, I wanted to make a test game first. One of my hobbies when I’m not playing board games, blogging, developing mobile apps, or teaching software is writing and illustrating children’s books. One of my clients, Huggable Melodies, has a great series of books that helps kids deal with bullying, going to the hospital, and the like. So as a surprise, I decided to create a simple kid’s board game that Huggable Melodies could take to their book readings for the kids to play.

Huggable Melodies Dash

I signed up for a new account, downloaded the .psd templates of the board size, box size, and instruction page size that I wanted, determined what components I wanted (I chose some meeple and a die), and began drawing the artwork. In this case, I drew most of the artwork in Adobe Flash and then exported it out to Adobe Photoshop to resize to the templates.

Huggable Melodies

I uploaded the artwork, created the game, and ordered a copy. As I waited, I could track my status in the production queue to see how close my game was to being created and shipped. In less than 2 weeks, I had the game delivered to my door. Unfortunately, I think my local postal service used it as a soccer ball and part of the lid was crushed during shipping.

Bent Lid

Thankfully, The Game Crafter has a very responsive team on their forums, and was happy to help me get a new lid. I let them know that I had shipped it to myself just to see the quality, which was quite nice, and it was being shipped to my client as a gift. My client emailed me saying that not only did The Game Crafter send a new lid, they actually sent another copy of the game. This by far exceeded my expectations as a customer and I’ll definitely be using them again.

Overall, if you have an idea for your own game, don’t wait. Visit The Game Crafter’s website and start designing it. Who knows, maybe you’ve got the next Settlers of Catan just waiting to be made!


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