My family and I were visiting Six Feet Under Games and I was looking to get Agricola All Creatures Big and Small Expansion More Buildings Buildings Big and Small and Zooloretto. Thankfully, they had the Agricola first expansion, which is elusive online for a reasonable price, but unfortunately, they were out of stock of Zooloretto.


My wife had noticed Coloretto on the shelf and surprised me with it when we got home. I had heard of Coloretto, but hadn’t researched the gameplay at all. It got great reviews on Amazon and the rules seemed similar to Zooloretto, so I was intrigued.


It’s similar to Zooloretto where you have 3+ placeholders onto which you can draw and place a card. You try to only capitalize on 3 of the same color cards, as additional colors will hurt your score. If you’re familiar with Zooloretto, think of it as only being able to keep X number of types of animals and additional animals get put into your barn, which penalize you.


You can choose to play by the brown scorecard, which rewards you for having 6 or more of the same type of animal, or you can use the grey scorecard, which rewards you the most for only having 3 of each color. It plays surprisingly well with only 2 players and it’s so quick, you can play a few games before your next game, or you can just top off game night with it. Overall, it’s a great addition to your collection if you’re looking for a quick filler or a way to have Zooloretto gameplay on the go.



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