Orchard Memo Game

Orchard Memory Game

Orchard Memo Game

In my previous review, I noted how First Orchard by Haba Games was a fantastic gateway game for very young children. The gameplay is simple, it teaches cooperation, and the components are the best I’ve seen for a kids’ game. However, kids over the age of 2 may begin to grow bored of it, as it’s really just picking up wooden fruit and placing them into a basket.

Orchard Memo Game

For more advanced gameplay, there’s the Orchard Memory Game. This game contains the familiarity of rolling the die and trying to get all of the fruit before the crow reaches the gate, except in this version, memory is key. The wooden fruit has been replaced with cardboard tokens that are placed face-down. Whichever color is shown on the die that is rolled is the color of the fruit that needs to be discovered by flipping over a token.

Orchard Memo Game

As you’re playing with a toddler, it’s a great way to practice memory skills and to keep repeating the incorrect fruit’s placement on the table. Having the chance of the crow winning adds a nice bit of flair to your typical memory game of trying to find matching cards. There are 3 basket cards included, so you can also play cooperatively or competitively, which is also a great introduction into boardgames.

Orchard Memo Game

Overall, my daughter loves this game. She loves the wooden crow and trying to remember where the fruit is. The quality is really nice, as you would expect from a Haba game. The cardboard pieces are thick like an adult Euro-style game, and the wooden pieces feel like they have some nice craftsmanship behind them. Overall, if you have a toddler, this game will be a hit.



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