Animal Upon Animal

For my third children’s game review, I’m going to talk about another gem from Haba, Animal Upon Animal. The suggested age range is for 4 years and older, but younger children may still enjoy it with adult supervision. My 3 1/2 year-old daughter loves the animal pieces and trying to stack them all.


The rules are pretty straight-forwarded. Depending onĀ the number of players, each player receives X number of animal pieces. A die is rolled and this will determine how many of the pieces you either have to stack on the back of the crocodile, have touch the mouth or tail of the crocodile, or give to another player to stack.


The components are well-made and stack pretty easily. Of course, as the game continues, it becomes increasing difficult to not send the stack crashing down into a pile of wooden fur, feather, and teeth. The concept is simple, but the theme and increasing challenge keeps it interesting.


Don’t let the age range and artwork fool you, though. Adults can just as easily have fun playing this game and I really enjoy playing it as well. If you’re looking for a greatĀ game that helps develop dexterity and motor skills, definitely pick this one up.




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