Just Desserts


Just Desserts by Looney Labs is a light card game that I picked up on a whim from my friendly local game store, Six Feet Under. It’s for 2 to 5 players and can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete a game depending on the number of players and luck of the draw.


The object of the game is to serve desserts to 3 of the same type of guests or 5 of different types of guests. Types are distinguishable by the different card colors and symbols on the lower-left of each card. To be able to serve a customer dessert, you must fulfill all of their taste preferences with the dessert cards in your hand. For example, if a customer likes chocolate fondue (chocolate, fruit, and marshmallow), you can use any combination of dessert cards that contain those symbols (perhaps an apple pie, chocolate eclair, and toasted marshmallows). If you happen to have the exact preferred dessert in your hand, you get an extra dessert card as a bonus.


You can never have more than one type of customer waiting to be served at the end of each player’s turn, so you’ll have to choose one to be “waiting at the door”. Customers who are waiting at the door can still be served, so don’t forget to look at their preferences when trying to serve customers.

It’s a very light, fast-paced game that is great for weeknights. It relies a bit on luck, but also has some strategy involved. Once you play a couple games, there are advanced rules that let you try to steal other player’s customers and other variants. More often than not, we tend to go for this game when we need something fast and light-hearted.



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