Farmageddon: Farm Fresh Edition


I first heard of Farmageddon by Hyperbole Games from one of my fellow Instagram board gamers, @diggerc. Just seeing the box art made me think that it would be a game that I would enjoy, so I quickly pre-ordered a copy and waited in anticipation. Once I received it, the artwork did not disappoint. The characters are cute, funny, and entertaining to look at as your read through your hand of cards.


As far as gameplay is concerned, it can be played with 2-4 people and can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes to play. It’s the right amount of strategy and time for a filler or on nights when you want to play a game, but don’t necessarily want to setup a heavy game. In 2 player mode, you’re instructed to remove 20 random Crop cards, which I’m assuming is so the game doesn’t drag on too long and keeps the game moving along.

Each player is dealt 3 Crop cards that can be planted or used as fertilizer and 4 Farm cards, which give you special abilities to alter gameplay. The game ends when the final Crop card is taken, the rest of the players finish that round, and then the dollarĀ amount of the harvested crops is totaled. Whoever has the most money at the end wins. On the surface, this sounds overly easy, but once you read through the Farmer cards and the Frankencrop cards, you realize where the strategy comes into play.


Farm cards range in abilities to letting you discard cards, steal other player’s crops, destroy other player’s crops, act as insurance against having your plants destroyed, etc. One good example is that I planted 3 plants on one turn in hopes of harvesting them on my next turn. However, before I got to harvest them, my wife played the Dustbowl farmer card, which wiped out all of my plants. It was a very sad day on the farm for me.


Farmageddon is a really fun game and it took very little time to learn and to teach, which is always a selling point to me. I’m very pleased with itĀ and it has a good balance of luck of the draw and strategy. My only feedback is that in a 2-player game, you don’t necessarily need to remove the 20 Crop cards. We would have liked to play a bit longer anyway on our first play through, so keeping them in seems to work just fine. Also, the Farmer cards could use a little more variety, as they can seem a little redundant after awhile.

Overall, this will definitely be one of those games we throw in a travel bag to play during downtimes on vacation. It’s also a great game when we’re not in the mood for a heavier game and want something light-hearted and fun to play.



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