Splish Splash Catapult


Splish Splash Catapult by Haba is a game for kids starting at age 5. The objective is to flip cardboard water balloons onto cardboard disks with pictures of different rabbits on them. The catapult is an orange, wooden wedge that players use to flip the water balloons onto the rabbits.

I drew a black line at the end of the catapult to give my 4 year-old something to aim at. Smaller children will probably have to use their full hands to get enough distance from the balloon pieces.

The water balloon pieces are double-sided and have a different color on each side. If a player doesn’t land a balloon on a rabbit disk, the water balloon stays where it landed. If a player does land their balloon on a rabbit, the player then collects all of the balloons of the same color that have missed the rabbits.

In this example, the player would collect all surrounding red balloon pieces since they landed a red balloon on a rabbit disk.

This is when younger children can begin to use strategy by determining which color is most abundant of the missed water balloons and then choose their color. However, The fact that the balloons have a different color on each side make sure that it isn’t always guaranteed. Whoever has the most balloon pieces after the general pool of balloons is depleted wins the game.

Overall, this is an entertaining and inexpensive game to help kids refine their motor skills. Younger kids can practice hitting the end of the catapult in just the right spot, and older kids can refine the amount of strength they use to launch the balloons to where they need to go. As you would expect with Haba, the cardboard is a nice thickness and they made the catapult out of wood instead of plastic, which is always welcomed in a kid’s game.

Check this game out if you’re looking for a quick and fun game to play with kids.  My daughter and I have been playing at least once a day since we picked up a copy.



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