Rhino Hero


Rhino Hero by Haba USA is a card stacking game for kids and adults starting at age 5. However, younger children who can handle fine motor skills will be able to play it as well with some guidance.


The premise of the game is pretty straightforward. The first player stands 2 wall pieces, which are cards folded in 9 degree angles, in the arrangement noted on the starting foundation card. Next, they place a roof card of their choice on top, which serves as the floor piece for the next player. This continues until a player uses all of their roof cards or until the tower collapses.

Some roof cards activate special moves for either the player who placed the roof card or for the next player. For example, if a player places a roof card with a rhino symbol on it, the next player must place the wooden Rhino Hero token in the area marked on the roof card before their turn ends.


Other cards reverse the turn order, make the next player draw an additional roof card, allow the current player to play 2 roof cards, etc. Ultimately, you’re trying to get rid of all of the roof cards in your hand before knocking the tower over. I recommend playing the game on the floor with younger children, as the tower can get pretty tall and they may not be able to reach it on a tabletop.


The quality of the cards are a really nice thickness and feel substantial enough to hold up to many games. This is one of my 4 year-old’s favorite games and it’s been great for refining motor skills. It’s also compact and can travel easily if you’re looking for a game to take on vacation. Essentially, any place with a floor or sturdy, level tabletop is a great place to start up a game of Rhino Hero.

Overall, I recommend this game to anyone with kids or even to anyone looking for a Jenga-like experience, but with a fun and unique twist. It’s a good game for kids and adult alike and can be pretty challenging.



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