If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you love playing tabletop games. However, if you’re like me, you would prefer to play the games versus reading the instruction manuals. A lot of times before I buy a game, I’ll seek out Watch It Played, Rahdo Runs Through, The Game Boy Geek, and the Dice Tower to see if instructional videos exist of the game I’m interested.

Image Copyright Dized 2017
Coming soon is a new app called Dized that teaches you how to play tabletop games in real-time while at the table with your friends. Dized offers step-by-step instructions as well as rule lookup tools to get you started right away. You’ll no longer need to read an instruction manual or watch a how-to video prior to playing. With Dized, you’ll be able to place your smart device on the table with your new board game and get started right away.

Image Copyright Dized 2017
It’s currently running on Indigogo and you can gain access to various tiers and rewards for your pledge. Pledges include credits which can be used for months of premium  subscription access or to buy tutorials outright, you’ll get to decide how you use them. You’ll also receive Vote Tokens, which you can use to vote on the next game that gets programmed into the app. Starting at the $39 tier also gets you a set of custom dice.

Image Copyright Dized 2017
So if you’re sick of rule books and want to get some cool rewards, go check out Dized.


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